Boasting the largest ice rinks in Australia, Skating At Festival offers a skating experience that will stay with you for a lifetime.

Experience world-class on ice entertainment, magical lighting and killer tunes to heighten the adventure.

Skating At Festivals offer activities that cater for all ages and abilities.

Ice Skating is suitable for ages 3 & up.
For children under 5 years we recommend that a Bobby Skate Aid is rented.

This can be done through the ticket purchase page.

Tickets start at $6 for a 45 minute session and can be pre-purchased here: TICKETS

Ticket price includes skate hire. You can bring your own skates if you wish. This does not change the price of the ticket. Ice Skates available up to men’s size 13.

Locations:  Sorrento, Brisbane, Sydney, Canberra, Adelaide, Perth


Experience the exhilaration of ice racing with our epic Ice Slide!

Fly through the festival at breakneck speeds as you traverse dramatic snow jills on our custom made ride. Hold onto your hats thrill seekers – this one’s perfect for kids – young and old alike 🙂

Tubes can be rented on site on the day you visit.
Available for children ages 4 and over.

Price: $4 a ride or 3 rides for $10
Pre-purchase tickets for rides here: TICKETS

Locations:  Perth, Brisbane, Canberra and Sydney


Keep the kids entertained or tire them out on the Jumping Castle.
Tickets to the castles can be purchased onsite.

Jumping is available for children over the age of 2.
Adult supervision is required.

Rides start at $4
Pre-purchase ride tickets: HERE

Locations:  Perth, Canberra